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Packing and palletising at Dugnaden

Norwegian gazelle company invests in fully automated mix palletising from BILA A/S

  • Future-proof solution
  • Effective distribution
  • Fully automated production

Investment background

Dugnaden is a Norwegian Internet-based company set up with a view to resell toilet paper, kitchen rolls, coffee and tea. The underlying objective of Dugnaden is to generate money in the local community – a concept which has generated approx. NOK 80 million by now to associations, sports clubs etc. because they purchase products for reselling from Dugnaden.

Dugnaden experiences an increased demand for its products – a trend that has won the company the Norwegian Gazelle Award twice.

As a result of the growing interest, Dugnaden has now decided to invest in a fully-automated solution in its production. “We will be able to expand our product range over time without being dependent on an increase in the number of employees,” states co-owner Morten Marcus.

Another advantage of the automation is that Dugnaden is now able to palletise and prepare orders in the evening and during the night.

The solution

The solution for Dugnaden is a fully automated system with AVG operation. In other words, the previous completely manual order management has become automatic. An AGV is capable of obtaining and placing pallets in the shelving system, thereby ensuring fully automatic management of pallets from stock delivery to the warehouse.

When ordering whole pallets, the products are automatically brought from the warehouse to the station for labelling, and after that – to goods delivery.

The robotic facility is used for mixed palletising which includes palletising of everything that goes beyond whole pallets.  Mixed palletising, for example, is necessary for customers that want smaller order volumes and therefore do not need whole pallets.

Mixed pallets are moved from the warehouse to a specially designed conveyor belt near a Kawasaki ZD130 robot. There is one conveyor belt for each of the six products sold by Dugnaden.

Automatic pallet feeding is ensured with the help of a Palomat. The robot palletises the orders in mixed pallets, which are then sent for foil wrapping. Labels are placed after the foil wrapping, and the AGV transports the pallets to delivery of goods for further transport.

Choosing BILA A/S

”We sent inquiries to many suppliers. “To us BILA A/S was the supplier with the best competences as they were the only ones that could deliver a turnkey solution according to our requirements. Throughout the entire phase up until ordering, we were very impressed with BILA’s great interest in and well-structured approach to our company,” concludes Morten Marcus on the cooperation with BILA A/S.