Handling and Packing

BILA can generally carry out any task within handling and packing of dairy products. Many of our customers see that their production has become more effective and cost-saving after the automation, and this is instrumental in keeping their production in Denmark. BILA A/S has the right solution for improving the efficiency of your particular assignment.

The Complete Solution

We develop and supply complete solutions, including lines, visual control, weight control, metal detectors and labelling. We call this concept ”Pick – Pack – Palletise”.

Existing Production Optimisation

It is relatively easy to install a robot onto an existing production line that packs containers, as well as cardboard and plastic boxes. This is done while preserving your flexibility and efficiency. BILA A/S does it all – including the necessary conversions of existing facilities so that everything works together in perfect harmony with the robot. We test the cell thoroughly before delivery thereby shortening the commissioning period on the customer’s premises.

Optimising the production relieves your employees of the numerous heavy and repetitive lifting made throughout their whole work day. This means fewer occupational injuries and in the long run will lead to a better work environment and more satisfied employees.

Case Stories

Handling skyr at Thise Dairy - a small danish dairy known for their organic products

Robots Double Skyr Production at Thise Mejeri

The solution delivered to Thise includes two Kawasaki robots. The robots are installed in order to pack and palletise orders. According to Jens Møibæk, Technical Supervisor, these two work processes used to be fully manual before BILA’s solution was installed.


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Jesper Højmark Pedersen

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Claus Børresen

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