Production Optimisation Consulting

BILA has extensive knowledge of the industry from many sectors and it has carried out a wide range of assignments with similar solutions for coherent production systems. We often organise the development of the entire solution in the production setup in cooperation with the customer and our partners. We can use this knowledge to look at your current production with new eyes.

Customised Consulting in Three Steps

Strategic Sparring
We consult and spar with you about investment solutions.
We help you prepare the strategic decision basis.
Production Optimisation
We go through the entire production process
and outline proposals as to how
you can increase your production profit.
Process Optimisation
We give you advice and optimise each sub-process
in your production in order to increase the profit
from your production machinery.

By systematically reviewing your production, we will come up with proposals as to where in the production there is great potential waiting to be harnessed.

Broad Knowledge of Technical Possibilities

We use a combination of Lean principles in conjunction with our extensive knowledge of technical possibilities. We work with factory simulations, business cases, ROI analyses, black box analyses, physical tests and technology road maps.

By preparing technology road maps, we can quickly obtain an overview of potential and possible solutions as basis for making our decisions. We recommend only tasks that can be documented as cost-effective in relation to a time frame we define together.

In addition, we can also offer to help customer organisation with project management and coordination. We offer this so that the overall project has the competences and resources necessary for ensuring a successful implementation of new technology in the company in this period.

Contact information

Jesper Højmark Pedersen

Jesper Højmark Pedersen

Market Unit Manager

Contact information:

Mobile: +45 24 49 38 36
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Claus Børresen

Claus Børresen

Key Account Manager

Contact information:

Mobile: +45 29 45 52 93
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