AGV - Driverless trucks

AGV - Førerløse trucks
AGV - Førerløse trucks
AGV - Førerløse trucks

AGV – Automated Guided Vehicle – is a fully automated driverless truck that can be in operation 24 hours a day. The AGV can be used in all stages of the production process, in the warehouse both before and after production and during distribution.

For example:

  • Collection and delivery of raw materials to production
  • Delivery of finished products to and from the warehouse
  • Delivery of pallets for automatic loading of goods into lorries
  • Internal supply chain, e.g. in hospitals

The AGV’s workflow starts when it is given a manual or automatic order. The AGV drives along a laser-guided path using information from encoders that calibrate the AGV’s position, ensuring it navigates safely and precisely through your warehouse. Various sensors register movement around the AGV, and the system computer (SGV Manager) manipulates and monitors the driverless truck. The system optimises your logistics operations and can deliver reports from the database. SGV Manager controls the AGV and maximises the efficiency of each individual task.

AGV is supplied in collaboration with JBT, a market-leading supplier with extensive experience of AGV solutions. All solutions include a 24-hour service agreement with BILA 365 days a year. BILA Service has many years of experience with automated processes and is a certified partner for AGV according to the JBT standard.

A future-proof and economic warehouse management solution.

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AGV cases

Palletising of Fresh Salmon in Isopor Boxes

Norwegian Gazelle Company Invests in Fully Automated Mix Palletising from BILA A/S

The solution for Dugnaden is a fully automated system with AVG operation. In other words, the previous completely manual order management has become automatic.

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AGV gives you:

  • A cost-effective solution
  • Reduced payroll costs
  • Short ROI
  • 24-hour service agreement 365 days a year


  • Wide range of AGV types, sizes and functions
  • Low cost solutions
  • Customised system solutions
  • Capacity up to 25,000 kg
  • Lifting up to 8 m
  • Speed up to 1.6 m/s