Maskinbetjening af CNC maskiner med robot

BILA Blanks Feeder

Effective Carton Unpacking

BILA Blanks Feeder is a standard cell that unpacks milk cartons for filling machines. The newly developed features make the packing robot capable of unpacking items/packs of milk cartons from, for example, a pallet and deliver them for further processing. The robot collects the milk carton pack and leads it through six different stations, processes the packs and places them in the delivery area.

BILA Blanks Feeder – a Key Factor in the Dairy Sector

BILA Blanks Feeder has a dynamic display that shows the status of the cell in real time. When the robot grabs a new pack, it disappears from the monitor and the robot cell will inform you when it is time to load a new pallet. The notification will be sent in advance to avoid the risk of a production downtime in the filling machines. With a BILA Blanks Feeder you make the working environment and your employees’ well-being a priority. Your employees are relieved from a considerable amount of heavy and repetitive lifting.

Product data

Product highlights

  • Handling of packages without human intervention
  • Unpacking of approx. 85 packs per hour
  • Compact structure
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Room for two pallets to pick from

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Claus Børresen

Claus Børresen

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