Flexibel standardprodukt til palletering


the Flexible Palletising Solution

BILA Flex is a standard palletising solution with an option to be customised to do any palletising job.

BILA Flex is a mobile solution and you can move it around your company by a truck according to your needs. When you no longer need a certain item, a new tool is used for new items and BILA Flex is once again ready for use. This makes BILA Flex an excellent, heavy-duty and economic choice which can be easily implemented wherever there is a need for palletising.

With this solution, you spare your employees the numerous heavy and repeated lifts made throughout their whole work day. This means fewer occupational injuries and in the long run will lead to a better work environment and more satisfied employees.

Product data

BILA Flex gives you

  • Profit from day 1
  • A good and stable solution for your palletising tasks

BILA Flex is

  • very flexible and user-friendly
    – easy to readjust and extend
  • fast to assemble and install (about one day)

Contact information UK

Claus Børresen

Claus Børresen

Key Account Manager

Contact information:

Mobile: +45 29 45 52 93
E-mail: clb@bila.dk
Download: Business card