Fuldautomatiseret emnetilførsel til CNC


Fully Automated Item Loading for CNC Machines

By increasing OEE to 85% regardless of the batch volume, ROI can be achieved in about 1 year. This way BILA FLEX CNC is a key factor within the metal industry. The module-based solution offers great flexibility because the cell can be customised according to your particular needs. The run-in time is minimal. We arrive in the morning, install the cell and it is ready for production during the evening shift on the same day.

During the development of RoboPower, there has been a great focus on being able to match the Danish subcontractors’ needs of small batch volumes. BILA Flex CNC is therefore also attractive to companies handling small batch volumes because of its short run-in time for new items: 5-10 minutes.

We are the only ones in Denmark to develop an application for OEE monitoring - which gives you the freedom and possibility to check the necessary statistics regardless of where in the world you are located.

Our unique service concept is your guarantee for optimal and secure operation round the clock. With a service department of 17 people, we take action within up to 1 hour, thereby shortening any potential downtimes.

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Financial highlights

  • ROI (return on investment) – down to 1 year
  • Increased OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), 85% regardless of batch volume
  • Leasing option
  • Reduced labour cost

Product Highlights

  • Module-based solution
  • Uncomplicated introduction of new items
  • Short run-in time for new items, 5-10 minutes
  • iPad application – OEE monitoring worldwide
  • Unique service concept

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Lars Rasmussen

Lars Rasmussen

Sales Manager

Contact information:

Mobile: 20 30 51 77
E-mail: lsr@bila.dk
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