Serviceaftale - Din garanti for god servicering af robotter

Service Agreements

With a service level agreement with BILA Service, you get secure operation round the clock. We are flexible and we take great care to ensure service inspections are carried out after careful planning according to your production.

A service level agreement with BILA is without ties or fixed costs.

Service Agreement
  • Service preparedness available during normal opening hours (Mon - Thu: , Fri: 7.00 - 12.20)
  • Response time in case of a stoppage: No later than on the next day
  • Service interval in relation to your working time
  • Annual safety inspections according to legislation
  • Customised service level agreement – with fixed budget, if applicable
  • Coordination of next visit and warning in good time
  • Inspection of installations based on a service schedule tailored to your company's needs
  • Backup of software and service history
  • 15% discount for customers without service level agreement

Hotline Agreement
  • Support preparation available round the clock – 24/7/365
  • Customers with hotline agreements are given top priority and are always guaranteed fast help
  • Response time: max. 1 hour
  • Remote connection to all installations
  • Call and fast help – Telephone support < 30 min. not billable
  • Maintenance of BILA VPN connection to your equipment

In 90% of the cases, our experienced technicians can solve the problem on the telephone. If not, we will quickly respond in person.

  • Extended agreement with hotline and annual plant optimisation
  • An open budget account with fixed monthly payment
  • The accounts are adjusted once a year based on actual costs
  • An option to select technicians in scheduled intervals
  • A guarantee for uniform service costs

We take active responsibility for the productivity of your plant

Contact our service department for additional information, offers etc.

Contact information

Kent Thomassen

Kent Ruseng Thomassen

Service Support Manager

Contact information:

Mobile: 22 65 02 06
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